Sea Salt & Black Pepper

Sea Salt & Black Pepper

Seasoned with two classics, every turkey bite delivers savory perfection that shakes up everything you thought about a snack and where it can help take you.

Nutritional Information

$9.98 pack of 2

What’s inside a 1oz bag?

10+ grams of protein

All our snacks focus on delivering quality protein

<4 Grams of Carbs

Less carbs to help you avoid energy spikes and crashes

<3 Grams of Sugar

Providing bold flavor without all the sugar

Bites Made Right

Made with your lifestyle in mind, these bites are a casual, yet purposeful, way to snack better.

Real Cuts of Turkey In Every Bite image

Real Cuts of Turkey In Every Bite

We’re real selective, like you. We hand select all-natural cuts of turkey thigh meat to ensure quality and flavor. Also, all our turkey comes from American farms.

Baked in Small Batches image

Baked in Small Batches

Made with your lifestyle in mind, the bites are baked in small batch ovens with real hickory chips to punch up the flavor.

Seasoned to Sustain image

Seasoned to Sustain

Our bites are blended and seasoned in a more custom way, featuring hand chosen spices. This approach creates a bold flavor in every bite.