Ranch Style Ranch Style

Ranch Style

Ranch Style offers a crave-worthy blend of buttermilk and herbs that you just can’t resist. It’s a people-pleaser with a big crunch of protein, energy and nutrition.

Nutritional Information

$9.98 pack of 2

What’s inside a 1 oz bag?

17+ grams of protein

All our snacks focus on delivering high concentration and high-quality protein

1 gram of sugar

Less carbs to help you avoid energy spikes and crashes

2 grams of carbs

Providing bold flavor without all the sugar

Made Better to Help
Make You Better

Made with your lifestyle in mind, these chips are an energy sustaining, protein concentrated snack that has quality baked into every chip.

All Natural Cuts of Lean Chicken image

All Natural Cuts of Lean Chicken

Like you, we’re selective and offer a combo of light and dark meat chicken from the breast, thigh or leg.

Smoked the Right Way image

Smoked the Right Way

Our chicken is smoked in a smokehouse with a blend of hickory hardwood for an authentic smoky taste.

Baked, Not Fried image

Baked, Not Fried

As you would expect, our chips are air-baked, not fried. This creates a more protein-concentrated product with a light crunchy texture.

Seasoned to Sustain image

Seasoned to Sustain

Our chips are flavored with the perfect amount of spices and seasonings to taste just like all the flavors you love.